"Her work involves surreal images to depict a vivid reality
of the real world rather than a rendition of illusion."

Short Bio

Jaerin Son is a puppet artist, play director and set designer from Korea. Her work includes plays, performance with movements, and dances. Her work often involves surreal images to depict a vivid reality of the real world rather than a rendition of illusion. Mrs. Son directed her own performance works such as This is not Shakespeare, Taste of Memories, Dreadful Time in Korea. She designed stages for the World Cyber Games Festival in China, Odyssey(directed by Youngho Gwon) in Korea, Vancouver(Ma-Yi Theater) in Chicago. She is currently working as a puppet & scenic designer and Popup book puppetry instructors at the Chicago Puppet Studio and in 2022, is nominated as one of the 2022 fellowship artists from Links hall. 


The Antlers

 depicts a picnic scene of an office worker on a deer farm. The protagonist’s dream - a  fantastic imaginary illusion - reveals the sad truth about the power structure of the Korean society, mixed and integrated with melancholy objets.

This is NOT Shakespeare

 Shakespeare - a writer, poet, actor, and theater director, born in England in 1564 - wakes up in a room full of objects. This space - which looks like a laboratory - is, in fact, the brain of Shakespeare. The actors occupy it, talk about it. He's been asleep for a long time. Now the actors wake him up and his works are to be reconstructed in a new sense.

Dogs or Cats; augmented Body

 Dogs or Cats; Augmented Body is an interdisciplinary  experimental puppetry show that combines Bunraku-marionette puppetry and shadow puppetry. Based on Jaerin Son's immigrating experiences, DC;AB tells the story of a female bot and her human physical therapist’s burgeoning friendship. 

The Taste of Memory

 spotlights on lives of so-called "kkot-jebi"(poor boys and girls of North Korea who lost their parents). They sing of foods that brings back the days of warmth and times to remember.

Scary Time

 Yoon Dong-ju, a boy poet who lived in the era of the Japanese colonial period, meets a young man who lives today. A story for the people of lost hope - living in the city, running fast without knowing what they want.



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